Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gratituesday Prompt #1 - 7 Things I Am Grateful For Today

7 Things I Am Grateful For Today

I am grateful for my children
I am grateful for my friends
I am grateful for the love I share with my husband
I am grateful to have a job in this economy
I am grateful for new experiences
I am grateful for having an outlet for my creativity
I am grateful for the beauty that surrounds me


  1. I added my link in the Mr. Linky, hopefully it will show up! It is a great idea to spend a bit of time counting our blessings. Lovely idea for a writing prompt blog. I'll enjoy sharing here!

  2. Hi Lisa, I didn't see my link this AM, so I tried to re-add it. When I went to the Mr. Linky box, it's showing up there as number 1, but not on your page. You're welcome to use my link address and "Josie" if you want to play with it and see if you can get it to work right on your post. Which Mr. Linky are you using? I use the "Easy-Linkies" one and so far no problem... fingers crossed! :-)

  3. Trying to figure out why it isn't showing up. I can see it in my Linky acount. hmmm....will look at it after work.

  4. Well, it's Friday, not Tuesday, but I have to say that today I'm grateful for the inspirational music I listened to all the way home from the city yesterday and on the way to work today. There's a lot of modern music I don't appreciate, but every now and then there are songs that I have to hear again and again. Number 5 and number 8 on Mercy Me's Album "The Generous Mr. Lovewell" are songs like that. As for some of the wilder songs...well Mercy me! I'm very thankful for the skip button on my steering wheel. Hmm. Think I can get a blog entry out of this?

  5. Amen! I join you with the same gratitude....

  6. I love that you are taking the time to be grateful. It is good for the soul!


  7. I love your thoughts and beautiful sentiments. I can feel the gratitude with every word. Thank you for sharing.