Monday, April 25, 2011

Someone I'm Grateful To Have Known - Prompt #9

Besides Immediate Family and Friends
Who is someone you are grateful for having
the opportunity to have known and why?

There are so many people who fit this classification but I would have to say that it would be my son's 5th grade English/Reading teacher.  This would have been 14 years ago.  After years and years of struggling in Reading where two of those years were in a particularly bad situation with a teacher who had no use for any student who wasn't "Gifted and Talented".  Mrs. Sedillo made it her mission to instill the confidence in my son that as a parent I just couldn't do.  She worked with him diligently and gave him a new found joy of reading.  In one school year, thanks to this AMAZING woman, my son was reading above grade level and NEVER looked back.  He went on to be an honor student and due in part to her inspiration he has chosen to become an teacher himself.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Current Gratitude - Prompt #8

What happened today or this week
that am I grateful for?

I am grateful for having the opportunity
to pursue my photographic dream.
I am grateful for having the time I have
to spend with my children.
I am grateful for the beauty I see outside.
And soooooo much more!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gratitude Letter - Prompt #7

Write a letter of gratitude to a friend or family member. Make it a point to tell that person how they make/made a difference in your life.

Dear Debbie (my favorite sister),

As my first letter to someone on my Celebrate Gratituesday blog I couldn't imagine a person who seemed more appropriate.  You are so much more than a sister to me, you are a friend.  Even though there is 10 years that separate us in age we still managed to maintain a close relationship.  Over the years distance has kept us from spending as much time together as would be nice.  I am grateful for Facebook because it allows us the chance to keep in touch on almost a daily basis.  One of the ways you have impacted my life is by demonstrating that even when life gets tough you have to persevere.  It really took losing Mom and Dad to really make us realize how precious family is and how important it is to make sure we know that we love each other.  I always have and I always will.  Thanks for being a wonderful big sister!

Your favorite sister,

Monday, April 4, 2011

Gratitude Thoughts - Prompt #6

What are your thoughts on this prompt about Gratitude?

 How often do we take the time to really and truly look at occurences in our life with "awe". 
I personally have learned the importance of taking the time to appreciate what may seem like the "simple things".  It is in those moments that the biggest life lessons have been experienced.
I've learned to allow myself the time to reflect and see what impact it will have on my life.