Monday, April 4, 2011

Gratitude Thoughts - Prompt #6

What are your thoughts on this prompt about Gratitude?

 How often do we take the time to really and truly look at occurences in our life with "awe". 
I personally have learned the importance of taking the time to appreciate what may seem like the "simple things".  It is in those moments that the biggest life lessons have been experienced.
I've learned to allow myself the time to reflect and see what impact it will have on my life.


  1. When I walk home from school I walk off the mountainside and generally don't stop to look. But when I take the time I see the most amazing site below. I think this is one of my 'awe' moments to think about all beauty around me.

  2. a day late but we included you in todays write, hope you enjoy it !

  3. I'm really grateful to have a roof over my head.