Monday, March 28, 2011

Gratitude Tribute – Prompt #5

(Select a person you are grateful for and write a tribute to them)
One of the people I am most grateful to have had the privilege to know is my Mother.  For those of you who never had the opportunity to know her, I can attest to the fact that you truly missed out.   My mom was a matter-of-fact kind of lady who called it like she saw it.  She was extremely kind hearted and would do anything for anyone but she didn’t sugar coat the truth.  She taught me the value of being true to myself and always treating others with respect.  The basis for most of the actions I take in my life are based upon what I believe my mother would think.  When my mother passed away 5 years ago it felt like I had lost the last person who loved me unconditionally.  I am daily remind of how lucky I was to have her as “my” mom.  I am so grateful for all the lessons she taught me and I miss her every day.

Monday, March 21, 2011

GRATITUDE Acrostic - Prompt #4

Gratituesday's Challenge this week is an ACROSTIC
Why I'm Grateful for My Blogging Experience.

Grinning for no particular reason
Reading others work with great admiration
Ability to write and have someone to actually read it
Trying new things I would have been afraid of before
Inspiring Others (who would have thought)
Thankful for my God Given Gifts
Unusual Learning Opportunities
Doing What I've Always Loved Doing
Excitement each day to see what it will bring

© Lisa N - 3/22/2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things I Am Grateful For In Nature - Prompt #3

Dew on plants in the morning
First Buds On The Trees In Spring
The Chirping of Birds in the Morning
The Warmth of the Sun on my Face
The Cleansing Properties of Rain

© Lisa N ~ 3/15/2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gratituesday Prompt #2

 I'm Grateful for _________ because _____!
(times 3)

I'm Grateful for My Husband Don because he is my best friend and has been there for me through some of the most difficult moments of my life.  He loves me in spite of my irratic behaviors.  He is my Rock!

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I'm Grateful for My Daughter Courtney because even though she is my "baby girl" she is not a "baby" any more and has grown to be an adult friend that I can't imagine my days without.  She is my sunshine.

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I'm Grateful for My Son Mitch because when I am feeling down and questioning my parenting he is always there to remind me that he is an example of what a wonderful mom I can be.  He is my greatest supporter.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gratituesday Prompt #1 - 7 Things I Am Grateful For Today

7 Things I Am Grateful For Today

I am grateful for my children
I am grateful for my friends
I am grateful for the love I share with my husband
I am grateful to have a job in this economy
I am grateful for new experiences
I am grateful for having an outlet for my creativity
I am grateful for the beauty that surrounds me